Vicious Valérie EP

by Funeral Casket

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Vicious Valérie is the story of seductress and masochist, Princess Valérie, and her lover and master, Prince Jhashua, a psychotic sadist, and murderer. This is their journey to find the ultimate pleasure through pain, and the brutality and violence that they use on anyone who has the unfortunate pleasure to be desired by the Prince and the insane Princess.

- The Story -

Her mother's body lay in a bloody mess on the massive canopy bed. Princess Valérie looked at her mother through the mirror as she continued putting on her makeup. "She screamed like an angel", said Prince Jhashuah, standing over by the window holding a blood soaked axe. His black silk robe was also covered in blood from the waist down. "I just wish she screamed longer", he said. Valérie smiled as she put on her mother's large ruby necklace. "At least you got a scream", she said sternly. "She merely called me a bitch and then started with that horrendous screaming", she turned to Jhashuah, "Couldn't she have called me worthless?...a slut?...a dirty backstabbing whore at least?", Jhashuah laughed loudly. "I'm serious", said Valérie, "Something to make me feel ashamed, hurt, or useless". She stood up and walked over to Jhashuah. She grabbed the axe from his hand and threw it onto the bed. "Change into your black velvet, we're going to have some fun"...

Chapter I: She Plays with Chains

The 2 naked female prisoners were Loren, a local prostitute, and Brelynn, wife of the town blacksmith and known adulterer. They both sat staring with hate filled eyes as Princess Valérie explained what she wanted. Her dress top dangled around her waist now, and her breasts bounced slightly as she moved the iron chain around in her hands. "And when it's wrapped around my throat, pull it tight!", she yelled. "So fucking tight, until I can do nothing but gasp for air and barely beg you to stop!". "You, Loren, will bite my breasts, hard as you can, not until I bleed of course, but make it hurt!", "If I scream, you will slap me and make me shut up and call me a whore, or a bitch. I give you permission to do this so don't hesitate to say these things to me". Princess Valérie threw the chain to the floor and pulled a key from her dress pocket. She unlocked the shackles around both prisoners hands, keeping the ankle shackles still secure. Allowing the prisoners to move about the dungeon cell freely on the 9 foot ankle chains bolted into the stone walls. Valérie walked over to the large metal table used for torturing her prisoners and draining their blood. She climbed onto the table and lay down on her back. She tossed the small shackle key onto the floor near the prisoners. Suddenly the sound of the dungeon doors flying open was heard in the distance. Valérie smiled and closed her eyes. "Before you think of running my dears, allow me to introduce you to Prince Jhashuah, he will be slaughtering you this evening, after we're finished playing of course". "What took you, my love? Do tell", Jhashuah looked at Valérie lying on the large metal table half naked, then quickly glanced at the 2 completely naked female prisoners standing in shock towards the back of the cell. He smiled. "Never mind that, I'm just in time for the fun it seems". Princess Valérie lifted her head to look at her prisoners, "Hurt me now, or he will hurt you", she yelled. She was barely comfortable on the table once more before she heard the iron chain whipping through the air and landing hard against her throat. The sting felt like fire cutting through her skin and she squealed with delight. Brelynn wrapped the chain around the princess's throat as tight as she could. Valérie choked and gasped for air. "My princess, I will hurt you as you wish". The Princess moaned louder and whispered "Tighter, you whore!", suddenly, Loren leaped onto the table on top of the princess and firmly bit her breasts. She slapped the princess hard across the face. The princess was overcome with pleasure and faded into climax. She played with chains, and her new friends for the next 2 hours. Filling the dungeon with the sounds of orgasmic screams and violent grunts. Brelynn was biting the princess's thigh when she heard the sound of heavy footsteps rushing up behind her. Prince Jhashuah's axe sank deep into her skull nearly splitting her head in half. Loren fainted at the sight of all the blood. Princess Valérie slowly walked from the dungeon cell, fully naked and satisfied...

Chapter II: Pain is Pleasure

"You're right, I'm worthless, punish me!", Princess Valérie fell to the ground hard. "Get up!", said Prince Jhashuah quietly. Princess Valérie smiled and slowly stood up again. "What do you want?", said Jhashuah, smiling at the princess. Princess Valérie slowly walked over to Jhashuah and looked up at him. "I want you to hurt me". Prince Jhashuah turned slightly, as if to walk away from the princess. "Why do you want this, Valérie?". The princess screamed, "BECAUSE PAIN AND PLEASURE BELONG TOGETHER!". He turned so fast, his massive hands were around her throat and she was lifted into the air. "You are nothing!", "You have no power, your only power is your sex and I can take that whenever", "I could snap your neck and fuck your beautiful corpse forever", "You control the people and I control you, right?". Princess Valérie was dizzy now, she could barely breathe as her feet dangled in the air. She was so close to climax. "I belong to you", she whispered as her voice faded from being choked. He threw Princess Valérie onto the bed. Suddenly, the chamber doors flew open! "Princess?!, I heard yelling and...", Farrah, aid to the princess looked confused as the princess lay naked rubbing her neck on the bed and Prince Jhashuah stood breathing heavily beside the massive bed. "Princess, are you ok?", said Farrah. Princess Valérie laughed, "Of course I am", "I was about to be fucked by this angry demon until you walked your ass in here". Farrah looked shocked at the princess's tone of voice and choice of words. "Forgive me princess, but...", "BUT NOTHING BITCH!", said the princess shouting angrily. "Jhashuah, I want her head...between my legs!". Farrah screamed and turned to run, but Jhashuah was across the room and had a handful of Farrah's hair before she could exit the room. "You don't need your head anyway whore, you clearly aren't using it", Jhashuah whispered into Farrah's ear. The cold steel axe blade slowly pushed into Farrah's throat as she screamed in pain. Her screams turned into gurgles as she choked on her own blood. He tossed the severed head onto the bed…

Chapter III: Heart shaped Tombstone

"Can you dig faster?", she said in a panicked voice. The young man poked his head up from the freshly dug grave. "Well, I'd be done already if you only needed 6 feet, but you need 12, and that takes a bit longer. Princess Valérie looked at the young man angrily, "just keep digging, you fool!". The bodies of her parents, the king and queen, laid next to a large tree just beyond the lantern light. "Will it be able to fit three bodies?", said the princess in a semisweet tone. "three bodies?", said the gravedigger confused. "Well, I suppose so". The princess smiled, "Can I come see?", she began to remove her dress. "Come see it?, well...", the gravedigger noticed the naked princess standing beside the grave now, he quickly turned his head. "Sorry princess, I didn't know you were...I mean, a minute ago you were dressed, but now...", "I took my dress off, you fool", said the princess, looking down into the grave at the gravedigger. "I see that princess", said the gravedigger, still looking away. He heard a small thud and felt the ground slightly vibrate. The princess had jumped down into the grave with him, naked. "Princess", he said with his back still turned, "Why are you naked if I may ask, it's pretty strange to be naked in the graveyard". The princess laughed loudly. "You get naked when you're about to have sex, silly", she said in an innocent voice. Prince Jhashuah emerged from the large stone mausoleum near the entrance of the cemetery. He was holding to small knives. He could hear the sound of moaning and heavy breathing as he approached the freshly dug grave. The ground rumbled as Jhashuah jumped down into the grave. The gravedigger turned around startled and screamed at the sight of Jhashuah's massive figure standing in front of him dressed in black. He felt two sharp blades enter into his chest and exit quickly, and then enter his neck. He fell hard onto the dirt floor of the grave. "Valérie!", said Jhashuah in a low voice, "You must die for this". Princess Valérie backed up against the dirt wall of the grave. "Yes, I know my love, I know", she smiled. "But my love, when I die, who will you share you dark desires with?", "How will you explain my death?". Prince Jhashuah looked at the princess. He looked at her naked and used body in the dim light. He smiled. "You want to die together?". Princess Valérie laughed, "Of course, this grave is built for three". Princes Jhashuah grabbed the princess around the throat hard. “I told you before that I could snap your neck and fuck your corpse”. The princess felt a rush of pleasure come over her body. "My prince, I want you to...", her voice was cut . Jhashuah squeezed her throat in his hand, snapping her neck instantly. He stumbled, falling onto the dirt floor of the grave just before sunrise. His wrists bleeding profusely from being slashed with one of the small knives. He crawled next to the princess. With his own blood, he began to draw small hearts on the princess's stomach and breasts. Then everything went black...

† † † † † † † † †

Guitars, Programming - Funeral Casket
Drums, Noise, SFX - Robot
Mixing & Mastering - Funeral Casket

"Vicious Valérie" (Story) written by Funeral Casket & Valérie K.

Cover art designed by Funeral Casket & Valérie K.

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released February 28, 2017

"Vicious Valérie" 3-track EP release by Funeral Casket.
© & ℗ 2017 Funeral Casket · All Rights Reserved.



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