Heavy Darkness EP

by Funeral Casket

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Heavy Darkness: The Legend of the Night Eaters

Heavy Darkness is the story of the "Night Eaters". Some people think they're disfigured humans. Cannibals who roam the woods looking for campers. Other people think they're demonic forces, conjured up by some satanic cult years ago. No one really knows. One young man saw the "Night Eaters" up close once. Unfortunately...they saw him too...

- The Story -

He stopped to catch his breath. Was that blood he saw? Were those bones scattered on the floor of the tent? Was this a dream? The sound of twigs cracking comes from behind him. He runs across the dirt road, back into the woods. The ground is too soft. He ran too far into the marsh. Splash! His right foot sinks into the wet earth. It feels like glue. The warm mud inches slowly up around his ankle as if the marsh is trying to swallow him alive. Falling forward, he catches a quick glimpse of 3 shadows crawling towards him...

Chapter I: Bone Eater

The sound of hissing was all around him now. It was as if he'd fallen into a massive snake pit. Under the moonlight, the shadows seemed to move with incredible speed. He reaches out with his right arm, grabbing at the wet grass in front of him, trying to pull himself out of the mud. "Eat!", a voice hisses from in front of him. "Yes, Eat!", another voice hisses from his right side. Suddenly, it feels like a thousand rusty nails are being pushed into his right forearm all at once! It feels like his arm is on fire! He screams as something bites hard through the muscle of his right arm. Down through the nerves, and severing the bone at the elbow. The blood sounds like water pouring from the bloody open wound and splashing hard on the ground. Bloody flesh, severed muscle, and torn nerve endings dangle from his upper arm, glistening in the moonlight. He screams in pain once more! Something grabs him from behind, lifting him off the ground. His right knee cracks loud, dislocating as he's being pulled violently from the mud. A second large shadow crawls slowly towards him just as his right leg comes free from the mud. "Eat the bone!", the shadow creature says in a low demonic voice. It feels like a chainsaw cutting into his ankle as the creatures jagged, razor sharp teeth tear into his foot, biting through the flesh and muscle, and severing the bone at the ankle. It sounds like rocks in a grinder as the creature chews the bone with excitement! He screams so loud, he feels like his brain is about to explode...

Chapter II: Blood In Teeth

He's dropped hard back to the ground on his back. He reaches out with his left hand, desperately trying to grab at the wet grass and pull himself away. "I can't feel my right shoulder", he thinks to himself. It's gone numb, or maybe he's already dead, he doesn't know. The horrific sound of creatures chewing flesh and bone is all around him. He lays there in shock and confusion with his left arm outstretched, holding a fistful of wet grass. The sound of heavy footsteps is getting closer. Running! Whatever it is, it's running! Running towards him! He hears the loud crack before he even feels the pain as the black shadow rushes past him. His left arm is torn away violently at the elbow. The sound of flesh tearing fills the night air. He screams, but only for a few seconds. He realizes he's dead, not physically yet, but nothing can save him. He looks up at the dark sky, as the sound of blood squirting onto the wet ground fills his mind. A pair of eyes slowly appear over him. Another pair appear, and then another. The sound of heavy, excited breathing surrounds him. Thousands of white teeth gleam in the moonlight. Teeth that have not yet tasted blood. "Get some blood in your teeth", he whispers. Something falls hard onto his chest. There's a loud crack! Louder than any before. The warm night air fills his chest, as his rib cage is split open. He screams...then darkness...

Chapter III: Disembowel

Who could've done this? What could've done this? No surgical tools, yet the bones were cut clean. How did they open the rib cage? Where are the organs and intestines? The smell of exposed bowels and blood fill the air as the officer moves his flashlight over what is left of the young mans mangled body. Someone in a cabin nearby said they heard horrible screams out in the marsh. They said it also sounded like wood cracking. The call ended abruptly, but there was only one marsh in this town, so he had no trouble investigating the situation. There's footsteps behind him! Turning quickly, his flashlight barely catches the shadow foot disappearing into the tall grass. "Who's there?", he yells. Something soft and wet hits him in the back and falls to the ground with a loud squishing sound, like a wet towel. He turns to shine his flashlight on the object. The dark red fleshy mass seems to have veins running through it. Looking closer, he screams! It's a human heart! He reaches for his gun. "Eat the bone, save the bowels", a deep voice hisses from above him. He looks up. Something grabs him! His mouth fills with blood as a thousand jagged teeth sink into his throat, choking him almost instantly. There's a loud crack as his head is violently ripped from his neck! Blood shoots into the air, hitting the ground like rain. The officers exposed neck muscle, veins, and spinal cord protrude from the bloody hole where his head just was. The biggest shadow creature runs off with the officers head in it's mouth. He bites into the skull. Pieces of bone and brain spurt into the creatures throat and onto the wet ground. The sound of flesh tearing, bones cracking, and the loud gurgling as the creatures drink the blood, fills the air. Just before dawn, the creatures drag the organs and leftover bones back into the woods...back towards a small cabin near the marsh...

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Guitars, Synthesizers, Programming - Funeral Casket
Drums, Noise, SFX - Robot
Mixing & Mastering - Funeral Casket

Heavy Darkness (Story) written by Funeral Casket

Cover art designed by Funeral Casket

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Contact: TheFuneralHome@outlook.com


released December 27, 2016

"Heavy Darkness" 3-track EP release by Funeral Casket.
© & ℗ 2016 Funeral Casket · All Rights Reserved.



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Funeral Casket Delaware

Industrial Doom Metal musician / producer

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