Children of Lucifer EP

by Funeral Casket

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Children of Lucifer: The Ones From Below

Children of Lucifer is the story of the final 3 days of horror and panic brought upon a small town by a violent cult. Over the course of 3 days, the group calling themselves "The Ones From Below" would commit two satanic ritual murders and end their horrific killing spree with a violent murder suicide in the woods off of Interstate 95.

- The Story -

No one saw them arrive into town. They came under the cover of darkness. It was 3:30 am on a Friday morning. The matte black van pulled into the woods just behind an old diner. They knew this was their last stop. It was supposed to end here, and end violently, just the way they planned. The priest was first...he had to be...father said so...

Chapter I: Slaughter The Lambs

Her husband lay motionless on the floor beside her. The ice picks protruding from the top of his skull like two metallic horns. His empty eye sockets leaked blood as the severed nerves and veins oozed onto the carpet. His mouth was a burned bloody mass of broken teeth and gums. His tongue had been violently cut out with a pair of small garden shears and the burns covering his lower jaw and gums was the result of the blow torch being forced into his mouth. "In hell, we eat fire", said the tallest figure sitting on the bed. "Your husband couldn't eat the fire, but maybe you can". The woman raised her head and stared in shock at the figure in the goat mask sitting on her bed. He stared back at her. "Time to pray", said the third figure standing by the window. He was holding her husbands severed tongue up to the glass, examining the pink, bloodied, fleshy mass in the sunlight. She could no longer feel her hands, and the burning pain from the nails going through her hands into the floor had gone away. She spit out more blood onto her chest. She moaned in pain as the blood ran down over the pentagram carved into her chest by her attackers. It felt like acid going into the open wound. "Your tongue is bigger than his, it's disgusting", said the figure standing at the window. He was now holding up two severed tongues to the glass, examining them thoroughly. He turned to look at her. He too wore a goat mask, but his mask had a red inverted cross drawn on the forehead. "We are the children of Lucifer", he said walking to her slowly. "We are the eaters of souls. We are the angels from the bottomless pit. We have come to slaughter the lambs". He kneeled down beside the woman and removed a small knife from his pocket. He stuck the knife hard into the woman's left thigh. As she opened her mouth to scream, he forced both severed tongues into her blood filled mouth, pushing the blood back into the woman's throat. She began to choke violently, convulsing as he held his hand over her mouth. He pulled the knife upwards, slicing her thigh open. The blood squirted onto the floor as the knife tore through flesh and severed the muscle and veins. "Ding dong, the bitch is dead", said the figure standing in the doorway. His goat mask had occult symbols drawn all over it. "Let us pray", said the figure on the bed. The woman was no longer moving. Her body lay motionless. "We need the light", said the masked man in the doorway as he reached down and picked up a small black gas can. He walked over to the woman, as the masked man kneeling next to her was cutting out her right eye. He squeezed the eyeball hard until it oozed blood into his hand. They poured the gasoline onto the woman's forehead and hair, being careful not to spill too much on the floor around her. The figure on the bed stood up. "Let there be light", he said. He picked up the blow torch and walked over to the woman. He reached down and put the torch against her forehead, the skin crackled and bubbled as the flame burned through her forehead almost to the bone. Her forehead and hair were on fire now. The trio stood up, surrounding her body, and began to chant "Slaughter the lambs, feed the beast, burn the church, kill the priest", over and over again in a really low tone. As the smoke filled the room, the group took turns stabbing the woman's body and screaming "Hell whore bleed some more".

Chapter II: Sex with Dead Girls

The back of the diner faced the woods. The cook was kneeled down in front of the grill. The ice pick went straight through his neck and punctured the grill top, pinning his face down onto the burning hot metal surface. His face began to melt onto the flat grill top. He screamed in pain as the heat cut through his skin like hot nails looking to pierce his soul. She watched in horror as the three figures dressed in black robes, black pants and goat masks took turns carving strange symbols into the cooks back with a large butcher knife as he screamed in pain. The figure wearing the goat mask with the large inverted cross on it turned to her, she heard the one wearing the plain goat mask call him "Azazel". She swallowed the warm blood that was filling her mouth. She couldn't speak. Azazel held up a severed tongue and shook his head from left to right. He tossed the severed tongue towards her. It landed on the floor just in front of her. She pulled against the extension cord that was used to tie her hands behind her back. The cord wouldn't budge. She couldn't feel her hands anymore. All of her fingers, except for the thumbs had been cut off. The blood formed a thick, dark red puddle just behind her chair. Her severed fingers lay scattered on the floor beside her. She was naked from the waist down. Her legs spread and each leg tied to a chair leg by a small chain. She tried to kick her legs. The chains rattled loudly! Something pushed her. The chair fell to the floor hard, causing the side of her head to slam against the tile kitchen floor. "No moving", said a figure standing over her. She shook her head to focus her vision after the hard fall. The goat mask had symbols drawn all over it. "Behemoth", shouted one of the figures from over by the grill, "Stop playing with the bitch! Grease her, fuck her, and then pray". The symbols on Behemoths mask looked like occult symbols, she thought to herself. Suddenly, it felt like hot rain hitting her face. Then it felt like a tidal wave of fire and acid. The scolding hot cooking grease peeled the skin from her face with ease, exposing a bloody, burned mess of veins and muscle tissue. She screamed and kicked as the hot grease sank deep into her eyes burning them from the inside out. Everything went black.

Chapter III: Murder Suicide

"Hail Lucifer! Hail Lucifer!", chanted the figure in the plain goat mask. "Baphomet!", shouted Behemoth, "Stop your chanting, the circle is done". Azazel stood over by a large tree near the highway. The loud rushing sound of cars moving past quickly came from just beyond the thick bushes. Azazel stood naked from the waist down. Streaks of blood ran down the front of his neck from underneath his mask. The red cross on the forehead of his mask had been traced over with blood. A severed, decomposing head lay at his feet. "Azazel", shouted Baphomet, "when you're done fucking that skull, light it up, toss it, and come here. Father is ready for you". Azazel moaned quietly. More blood trickled down his chin from under his mask and ran down his neck, dripping onto the dirt covered black shirt he was wearing. He squeezed something in his fist. He threw it hard to the ground. It was a severed tongue. He had cut out his own tongue minutes before. He knew he was going to die anyway. He reached down and picked up the gas can and poured it wildly all over the decomposing head. He grabbed the blow torch and touched it to the dead hair on the head. He tossed the head over the bushes onto to the highway. Instantly the sound of tires screeching and metal crashing was heard. Horns blared from what seemed like all directions as the burning head rolled into the middle of the highway. "Azazel", screamed Behemoth, "Not into the fucking road! You were supposed to throw it into the bushes and start the fire!". Azazel smiled underneath his mask as he walked slowly towards his brothers, still naked from the waist down. He held the blow torch in his hand. A circle made of rocks was on the ground in front of them and 3 large knives lay inside the circle, along with a 3 page note. "Brothers!", shouted Baphomet, "We rejoin father on this night! We return to the dark pit of pleasure that we left so many moons ago! We return together, as one!". The smell of gasoline was strong in the air. Azazel had purposefully poured the gasoline on the head wildly and covered himself in it as well. He touched the blow torch to his right thigh. He began to burn almost instantly. He couldn't speak. Only his screams were heard as the flames ate away at his flesh. He stumbled back and forth as the flesh melted and fell away from his body. Baphomet leaped into the circle and picked up one of the knives. He ran to Azazel, who was walking around in a circle and screaming. He plunged the knife into Azazel's throat. The screaming stopped and Azazel fell to the ground hard. As Baphomet turned around, he felt a sharp pain in the center of his chest, and then another in the side of his head. He was dead before he hit the ground. Behemoth stood over Baphomet's lifeless body, holding the bloody knife. The sound of police sirens came rushing up on the highway, just beyond the thick bushes. He stuck the knife into his throat, pushing it in as deep as he could. The blood filled his throat instantly. He fell to his knees, choking. Everything went black.

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Guitars, Programming - Funeral Casket
Drums, Noise, SFX - Robot
Mixing & Mastering - Funeral Casket

"Children of Lucifer" (Story) written by Funeral Casket

Cover art designed by Funeral Casket

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released January 31, 2017

"Children of Lucifer" 3-track EP release by Funeral Casket.
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